Speak & ____




An assortment of glitch switches, coarse pitch control, hard on/off, touch contacts for pitch modulation, "repeaters" and looping glitch switches.

Geosafari Traveler

Five glitch trigger buttons of varying styles and intensities, able to trigger chaotic string of device's internal synthesized speech vocabulary      Hard on/off switch • Distortion


Port for Atari 2600 joystick control • Hard on/off • 1/8" Audio Output • Joystick controls for speech glitches, movement glitches, and sound hold. Blue sound reactant LED behind left eye • Aesthetic modifications that cause people to give me weird looks.


Switch to overclock • "ProSound" mod

Wuv Luv

Really strange furby-like toy. Has some incredible glitchy synthesis abilities.

Pitch knob with hard on/off • Button for glitch triggering (squarewave synth/noise/speech synthesis) • Sample loop (eating sound) • Sample loop (clicking) • Touch contacts for pitch up • Pitch down/distort switch • Hard on/off • 1/8" audio output

Bliptronic 5000 Grid Synth

Starve/battery drain knob • Hard squealing distortion • Switch: Causes fuzz and turns all grid lights on, along with engaging semi-random notes in a row when a button in the row is pressed • 4x switch for engaging entire row of notes (C, E, G, C)