Hing Hon EK-001

Model No. 21

Commissioned by Bazzazian.


1/4" Audio Output • Coarse pitch control • Coarse pitch optic theremin • 3x distortion/modulation knobs (Harsh/squealing, Droning, Grainy) • Optic theremin for harsh/squealing distortion • Touch contact for pitch down/manual vibrato • 4x glitch switches (Kick, HiHat, Snare, Cowbell) • Tone generator • Rhythm Skip • Two note polyphony latch • Rhythm pass/note mute

External LFO box (powered by keyboard, connects via 9pin cable) containing: On/Off, Knobs for Rate, Shape (Triangle to Square), and Depth, ability to send to either pitch or distortion, and a rate indicator LED.


Selected builds 2008 - 2010

The modifications being implemented on many of these are the same as Model No. 21 above, but some with the addition of 3 RCA/Phono jacks. One jack outputs a video signal (only on CRT televisions) that shows black and white visuals. The other two jacks are an input and output for any video source that travels via a component cable. The video signal fed to the keyboard is twisted up through the keyboard's modifications and spit back out. These video-centric mods can be seen in the two videos below.

Another notable feature of the EK-001 is that it contains a stock line-in jack. This makes it very easy to send the audio from an external device through the EK-001. Video to the right shows a Roland TR-606 being run through an EK-001 with modulation being applied.