Tunes tunes tunes!

Finally got around to publishing some music up here. The Music page now links to six albums of mine. All are free to listen to and download.

This music ranges in year from 2004 up until 2016. It's been difficult trying to pick and choose tracks from a collection of ~1,200 files, and figuring out the best way to share them in a coherent structure without just piling everything together.

I decided on two "archived" albums, and four albums containing pieces of similar style or composition method that I was happy enough with to share.

2004 - 2006 Archive Selections

Contains selected pieces from age 13-16; me discovering what the hell I was doing and enjoying the process. A bulk of my pieces at that time were composed through chopping up and arranging lofi audio recordings I made over time, some of which are on this album.

2007 - 2012 Archive Selections

Pieces ranging from more sliced-audio recordings and other music, breakbeat pieces, ambient pop, and even a nonsensical text-to-speech rap.

Welcome to the Team

A short four track album including two vaporwave-esque video game remixes and the titular track which attempts to paint a dystopian future mall-type space where people are being herded into their next occupation.

Strange Transmissions

Starting off with a bit of trip-hop esque tracks and moving into breakbeats, orchestral pieces, piano compositions and other more acoustic-based pieces.

Dancing in My Head

My more upbeat, dance-able pieces pieces are in this album, with the departure to chillwave and a bit of more downtempo stuff here and there.

Synth Foolin' '15-'16

Some switch got flipped in my head in ~2015 and I wondered why I hadn't been making any music dedicated to my hardware. 100+ tracks were created between 2015 and 2016 using my Moog Sub Phatty won in the 2014 Moogfest circuit bending challenge, the circuit bent keyboard that won me it, a Roland TR-626 which was also modified and circuit-bent in a modular fashion, a x0xb0x I built in 2012, and a Korg Monotribe with MIDI jacks added. Pieces were simple 8-32 bar looping melodic/rhythmic arrangements. The goal was to hit play, let everything loop, and do nothing but interact with the hardware, and record the resulting live pieces.