"Modular Thunderstorm" is a patch built for VCV Rack v0.5.1 in 5.1 surround sound meant to give the user control over various sonic elements of a synthesized thunderstorm utilizing simple white noise and particle generators. This patch can be downloaded here at Patch Storage.

Light Programming

For DJ Squnto's 2018 'Strikes Back' 40 stop US bus tour I was recruited to provide a detailed transcription of roughly 2.5 hours of electronic music spanning more than 65 individual songs for lighting purposes. The goal was to represent the most up-front sonic elements of individual instrumentation such as pitch, timbres, volume, filters, panning, and an assortment of other parameters, as well as any percussive hits and melodic lines, in a way that would easily translate to the visual system architecture built by Jonathan Thompson for the tour.

The final transcriptions were exported as 14-bit MIDI files. MIDI channels were assigned to individual voices and CC values for each channel were automated through high-res hand-drawn envelopes. All data was integrated and made beautiful by Jonathan and his systems.

DJ Squnto: https://www.facebook.com/squnto

Jonathan Thompson: http://www.particularexperienc.es/

Additional Info: http://www.particularexperienc.es/#/squnto-strikes-back-tour/

A few very simple additional lighting snippets designed with limited resources below.

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Glowing Room Initiative

in 2013 Jonathan Thompson and I founded a group designed to create audiovisual performances and provide education to the Charlottesville community about electronic music, circuit bending, and lighting. We were recipients of both the Undergraduate Award for Arts and the Center for Undergraduate Excellence Arts Award.

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