VGS35 (Video Glitch System 35)

The VGS35, or Video Glitch System 35, is a re-housed analog video signal converter that retains all original functionality while exposing the more useful sections of the two main IC chips (74HC125 quad buffer & W9816G6XH-6 SDRAM) and a few other sections of the internal circuitry as a 35 point patchbay. This was built as a companion to my other 2019 build, the ModBox 37 as it easily integrates with it via the patchbay. This allows for building and controlling patch connections, driving visual signals with the MB37’s LTC1799 precision oscillator and LFO, as well as creating audio reactive analog visuals by cross-patching with instruments built for the MB37 such as the Casio SK-1.

Essentially, it takes a video signal via VGA, lets you dial in some lofi glitchy goodness, and spits the signal back out as a composite signal. Runs on 5v USB power.

Progress photos

The top panel went through a redesign, and the initial build plan was a DB37 connection to run directly to the ModBox 37’s patchbay. Unfortunately there were a lot of video interference issues when using the DB37, so the patchbay was build directly into the box itself. I’m much happier with the end result actually, as it allows for a fair amount more flexibility when combining with other devices.



The base of this project was had from a thrift store for ~$2 some years ago, though it looked nearly identical to this device. If you are looking to replicate this build and happen to purchase one let me know if it contains the same board!

September 2019.