Videography, Post Production, Editing

Post production head, start-to-finish editing duties for

TEDx Charlottesville 2014, 2015, 2016 | TEDx Virginia Tech 2014, 2016 | TEDx UVA 2015, 2017

Introductory music & sound design for TEDx Charlottesville as well.

Three years experience working with an Audio Visual company focused in event production. Contracted creative editing jobs, such as the Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello from 2015 in the above video, require shooting the event and quickly building an engaging video from collected footage in the hours after the event. I've also got experience in repairing less-than-ideal footage, with examples below.

Motion Graphics, misc video and editing projects.

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Archival - Personal Film Projects & Experiments (2006 - 2009)

"I Am Grobanite" is a short film I made for my high school's film festival which went on to play at a local theater and art museum. It's a sort of mockumentary starring a 16 year old me attempting to cope with the fact that I'm convinced that a Josh Groban cardboard stand-up is a living being.

Any chance I had for a high school project I'd ask to make a short film rather than a powerpoint presentation, such as the two above examples.

More can be found buried within the keyboards and circuit bending videos on my youtube page.